Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tattad Tattad (Ramji Ki Chaal) Song ft. Ranveer Singh | Ram-leela

SHIT DAMN. Continuing with my Ram -Leela fever, here's the introduction song of Ranveer's character Ram Rabadi. His personality has been described lyrically in a beautiful manner and is very bold, solid and interesting. This is where Ranveer Singh shines through (although he's awesome in any of the scenes either in songs or the trailer) Really- there's no doubt that he rocks his character!!! Ram seems to be created as a person who can lure girls and make them lose their hearts to him... Ranveer Singh has done absolute justice to it! The cocky and playboy character of Ram Rabadi is sure to get to you...
The choreography is just like the character- arrogant, loud, attention-seeking, cocky, womanizing... The set is very Alpha with yellow and purple (in Ranveer Singh's costume) hinting at Royalties and qualities like the sun or the colour yellow. Ram Rabadi seems to wander according his own style in a carefree manner... The choreography brought to life, Ranveer Singh's character. The entry itself is all that Ram Rabadi is-effortlessly cocky. The costumes for others and the posters through the lit-up narrow street of the town are related to the Indian folk hero Ram from the legendary mythical story of Ramayana. There are people dressed up and painted blue to depict Ram, the posters have Hanuman (Ram's devotee/ right hand man) tearing his chest open to show Ram and Sita's picture seared in it. The overall effect is inevitable.
Amazing song, half the credit going to it's singer, Aditya Narayan who has a distinct, amazing voice- reminiscent of his father and yet managing to sound unique unto himself. He brings the tone of the words down into his voice, reaching us and telling the meaning of the lyrics.

Again, Why is Nov 15 SO FARAWAY????????????????

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