Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ram Chahe Leela Song ft. Priyanka Chopra - Ram-leela

Priyanka Chopra is one of my favourite actors and here she is in one of my favourite and most awaited film!!!!!! I didn't think it could get better when I was anticipating the next song after Ishqyaun Dhishkyaun... I had guessed the item song would be Ram Chahe Leela as it was the only remaining raunchy number in the sound track and I also guessed somehow it would be next because it is an item song after all. Promos need such things! So today it came and I stand stunned. Priyanka Chopra has done an FAN -fuckin'-TASTIC job here!!!!!!!!! This is even hotter than Ishqyaun Dhishkyaun (I didn't think it possible!!!!) but I can't make up my mind about it as both the songs are equally good. The choreography is unique in each song and this one's no different.... Priyanka Chopra looks really sexy and does complete justice to the song! The set is gorgeous with real live candles burning throughout the song,, the colourful Indian lamps hanging and those rose petals scattered around. The choreograpgy is again, unique and impressive. Priyanka's expressions are eye-popping, and her entry-dramatic... Again You can't guess when this song's gonna happen with the careful editing but the extra Deepika-Ranveer scenes are relievingly welcome!!!!! This item number will rock you!
Seeing more of Deepika-Ranveer my excitement has burst out of the 100 range and shot to 500!!!! Now I can't wait for Nov 15 more THAN  EVER!

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