Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ram-leela - Theatrical Trailer with English Subtitles ft. Ranveer Singh ...

*Fans the face*

Whaaaaaa......How.. I begin? I've never been the kinda girl who is manic about movies and awaits any particular movie with bated breath but Ram Leela changed me being a big bookworm. I saw a song in this, investigated and now here I type full of the Ram-Leela fever. I've since watched anything related to it (even gossip and I HATE bollywood gossip!) You just have to look at half the trailer and you're gone. You'll swear upon your life to watch the the first show at the first day!! I did.
 Sanjay Leela Bhansali is famous for Drama and Tragedy but here this movie has violence and boldness in heavy amounts along with his dramatic and tragic flairs... Devdas ended tragically. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ended in hope while going along the tragic route and still is preferrable to Devdas because of the more positive elements of it. Saawariya is 'meeeeh' and veery mild so has no impact. At first it seems Bhansali has tried to recreate the magic of Hum  Dil De Chuke Sanam in Ram Leela because of Nagada Sang Dhol or even Lahu Muh Lag Gaya but afterwards he has more commercial elements from his experience with being a producer for films like Rowdy Rathore, etc. Ishqyaun Dhishkyaun, another song of Ram Leela, is fun and sensual and thus hints at the theme in Ram Leela being different than HDDCS and Devdas, as the romance and even heroines are coy, understated and traditional in those former films (But Deepika Padukone is portrayed as a bold Gujarati girl here) and Ram Leela's bolder and violent. He has retained the traditional/regional elements, his individuality in creating visual poetry with that dramatic and tragic flair as his trademark and yet this story seems modern, unique, straightforward with a good plotline.
The beginning scene is disillusioning with rain clouds thundering in the sky and some beautiful camera work showing tthe distance to our story's setting- the town 'Nakhtaraana'. That scene of the kids is HILARIOUS and the guy getting angry at the kid is ummm violent and even more hilarious!!!!!!! Shit, I kept staring at thee screen the first time I saw it! (and missed the rest of the trailer but then replayed it again and again... I'm still replaying it!!) Those bullet roaring scenes between Ram-Leela seem exciting. Basically, we're introduced to Ram's character and the vague plotline of the movie with the feud of families going on in the town. The first half of the trailer is light, passionate then, there's the dramatic scene in rain and everything changes- The love of Romeo & Juliet isn't as easy as we thought- there's arguing, clashes and verbal fights going on which adds layers and makes the story more interesting. There are the famous scenes of Ram-Leela consummating their 'marriage', their hot kiss, the smoky atmosphere, the town's waterfront at night glittering with lights and Deepika-Ranveer's amazingly sizzling chemistry.  Then it gets too fast to really watch the scenes but they seem disconnected, raising our curiosity tenfold!!!! At the end, Ram and Leela seem to discuss what happens now that they have fallen in love with each other, Ram asks what she'll do if her family says no and Leela replies that she'll convince them. Then *giggles* Ram asks what she would do if he leaves her. Leela calmly tells him that she'll kill him... I dunno whether to laugh out loud or tell her to chill! I love the passion though.
The basic theme of the movie is Shakespeare's Romeo-Juliet. It is a universal concept and this has been given a Desi makeover in Ram Leela. As in Romeo-Juliet, Ram and Leela's families hate each other to death and then there's the famous balconey scene of Juliet and Romeo depicted between our Ram & Leela ... I also wonder when that scene happens, in which Ram and Leela argue and Ram hints that Leela left her family to come with Ram then Leela accuses Ram of having the 'filthy' Rabadi blood and killing someone (possibly one of her own family; like in Romeo-Juliet, Romeo kills Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, in grief and guilt of Mercutio's death which happened during Mercutio's duel against Tybalt ). That scene of Ram (Ranveer Singh) soaked in the rain at a funeral (Mercutio?!) makes me very curious. I dunno if Ram and Leela will die like Romeo-Juliet (Ahhhhh MAN! What do I expect? It's Romeo and Juliet! Their stupid family feud's gonna end because of their deaths!!!! I wanna scream 'NOOOOOOO!!!' Such a waste of Ram and Leela!!!!!!!) but I REALLY hope they won't!!

Wish I could lasso Nov 15 and pull it to me...

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  1. I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with the people who review movies. The five star provided by Meena Iyer strengthens my belief that all's not right? Come on, lets be realistic, any ardent movie going fan would not give this more than 3.5. Of repeated theme with typical repetitive SLB sets and color...nothing new !!!